Cristiano Tassinari
Gli uomini delle scintille
28 March – 26 May 2023

Ncontemporary is pleased to present ‘Gli uomini delle scintille’, the second solo exhibition by Cristiano Tassinari (Forlì, 1980) at the gallery.

With this new project the artist retraces some aspects of his relationship with his father putting it in the context of the overall image of men in art.

Tassinari’s research has always had a strong autobiographical element. Following-on from its previous solo exhibition at Ncontemporary, ‘Mother’s Bliss’ in 2019, in which the figure of his mother was at the centre of the research; in ‘Gli uomini delle scintille’ the artist uses an iconic apparatus of exclusively male subjects. Through the works on display, the artist investigates the influence that the father’s figure had on him, painting a male universe characterised by antithetical elements.

In the works we read a deep affection towards the father figure, combined with an intimate hostility for idealised images of virile and glossy masculinity.

Two men kissing in a Berlin club, a naked child playing – or perhaps killing – a goose, David and Goliath, the head of an antique statue representing Joseph, the archetype of a father. All these characters, painted by Tassinari, not only reshuffle the semantics of the father-son relationship, but create a new narrative around the male representation. ‘Gli uomini delle scintille’ is therefore an extended self-portrait of the artist, with the intent to become also a wider analysis on the traditional representation of masculinity

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