Ruben Brulat
Enfouissement (Burial)

Via Lulli 5, Milan

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Ncontemporary is glad to present “Enfouissements” the new solo show of Ruben Brulat for the gallery. For the last two years the artist has been researching new techniques and approaches to his performative and photographic production. Most of the research has been done in his new studio in Fontainebleau, France, after many years of travelling around the world. The result is two series of new works in which the human essence and nature are put in relation through burials (Enfouissements).

The artist has recovered from his archive of images made during the last five years a series of photographs documenting phisical burial performances done in vulcanic ashes. These photos have been manually framed with clay and ground earth to become unique, yet serial, works (Corps Traverses).

Using the idea of burials as a starting point, Brulat has also investigated new sculpturale techniques. Plaster and printed abstract details of larger images taken during his travels are buried in the ground to create new unexpected sculptures, sciamanic-like objects in which nature and photographic natural details are melted together. (Enfouir)

“What is an end? I dug within the memory of my past years, spent on the roads of the possible space. To see, to search. The question of disappearance often came, like an end, or a passage, a door. While practising art passageways are never ending, the search is made of those doors that show entirely new worlds. I printed, scanned, reprinted….then I buried these images, I buried them underground, to make them invisible, to be myself invisible, and fall suddenly within the imaginary.
This self disappearance creates a great feel of truth. During this connection between
visible and invisible, where is the end? She manifest herself in the dissolution of my being. The pieces are then unburied, ritually rinsed, some stay aground, forever. The process is repeated, a certain number of times. All the passages through the end are important, they permit this jump into the imaginary finding of what seems true, after the past. The end expresses itself within the love of truth, these passages are the just breath of life.” Ruben Brulat, March 2020

Simone Cametti
Oh be a fine girl, kiss me

Ncontemporary Project Room
Via Lulli 5, Milan

In collaboration with Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea