Nadir Valente

Born in 1982 in Italy

Artissima, Torino – Saatchi Gallery, London – Museo della Permanente, Milano – Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Torino – Museo di Scienze naturali, Torino – glogauAIR, Berlin – Arte Fiera, Bologna – Artport, Tel Aviv – Pinacoteca Albertina, Torino

“For several years my research has been concentrated on the value of copy and original, using elements which are part of the same language of photocopies and copy paper. I always think of photocopies as metaphors of the disposable culture of our times, being quick to make and cheap. Documents, images, notes, sketches and drawings form, if abandoned or thrown, a layering of events, intentions, wishes and thoughts, but they still have a story to tell, a historical record of the specific event which can not be other than unique.”

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